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Online Therapy with Dr. Masha

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Please email me at , tell me about yourself, what issues you would like help with, ask any questions you may have about Online Therapy and let me know which service you are interested in. At that point we can set up a time for a session if you are requesting the chat therapy, telephone or video conference  option. Or fill out this form that gets forwarded to my safe-mail account:

When you contact me, I will send you the New Client Questionnaire via Safe-Mail to complete. If you prefer, you may print it out, scan and email it to me: NEW CLIENT Questionnaire

Please read the Consent for Online Therapy Treatment, then sign, scan and email it to me. If you have any questions that come up, please do not hesitate to ask:

Choose your service and make a payment through PayPal. Please see the Services, Security and Fees section below for details.

Please note, before beginning online therapy with Dr. Masha, you must:

* Be at least 18 years old

* Not be suicidal or homicidal.

 If you are in crisis please seek help immediately! Call 911 and tell them you are having homicidal or suicidal thoughts. You can also call one of the following suicide hotlines: 1-800 SUICIDE or 1-800-273-TALK and tell them what’s going on:

Resource providing information on suicide and support:;

Services, Security, and Fees:

Secure payment:  Your email address and personal information will never be shared with third parties. I never see your credit card information when you pay. The payment is processed through Pay Pal, which is the global leader in online payments. For more information about security using PayPal, see: PayPal FAQs

Privacy Specific to Email Counseling and Chat Therapy:

I use for all email correspondence and for chat therapy.  When you click on the submit button for the Treatment Consent Form and the Questionnaire, it automatically is sent to my safe-mail account, which utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol, and thus, is highly secure.  You may either use your regular email account for email counseling, or set up a safe-mail account. I highly recommend this option. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up your free safe-mail account.  Safe-mail offers state-of –the- art security not available through other email accounts. To set up your free account, go to .

Safe-mail includes free instant messaging. So if you choose the chat therapy option, you will need to create a safe-mail account in order to be able to chat securely.  Your other option is to use the free instant messaging service Skype has available. However, please be aware that it is not as secure as it does not have encryption.  Please specify what service and account you are using when you contact me.

Online Therapy with Dr. MashaRisks, Benefits, and Expectations of Telemedicine                         

Telemedicine provides the patients with a right to confidentiality under the same laws that protect the client’s confidentiality for in-person psychotherapy.

Particular benefits of telemedicine include:

* Flexibility, as telemedicine is not as limited by time and location boundaries (e-mail therapy can be done at any time in the comfort and privacy of a client’s home or office).

* Writing can be therapeutic: With e-mail therapy, clients may find it easier to express their feelings and thoughts by writing out their internal experiences on a computer  at their own pace – take the time to reflect on their responses and those of the therapist.

*Having an accurate record of the exchanges (emails, instant message threads) can be valuable.

*Anonymity:  Online Therapy may be a good fit for those who feel concerned about issues of trust, privacy, disclosure or being seen.

 See the Online Therapy Research section for more information on the benefits of telemedicine.

However, it has to be mentioned that as with in-person treatment, there is no guarantee that the telemedicine treatment will be effective in reaching clients’ particular goals. In addition to that, there are risks unique and specific to telemedicine such as the therapy sessions or other communication being occasionally disrupted or distorted by technical failures.

Therapy is a process, whether face-to-face, or online, and no quick fix is available. Online Therapy is not a cure-all. A therapist cannot be expected to make important life decisions for the client. Such decisions are client’s alone, although a therapist can aid in his or her decision-making process. As a therapist, I am not authorized to give any legal advice, as these activities do not fall within my scope of practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist. A client should not consider online therapy if he or she has serious thoughts of hurting him- or herself or others, has a chronic mental illness requiring intense treatment; or feels uncomfortable with computers and keyboards.


Email Therapy:                                   

$45 for one email therapy response

$85 for a package of 2

$120 for a package of 3

$160 for a package of 4

$200 for a package of 5

Chat Therapy:                   

$45 for 25 min.

$85 for 50 min.

$120 for 75 min.

Telephone or  Skype ( video) Therapy:             

$50 for 25 min.

$95 for 50 min.

$130 for 75 min.

Face to Face Session:_______

$125 for 50 min.