Online Therapy Research

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Although web-based therapy is a relatively new field, there is research now out supporting the effectiveness of it. A study published in CNN Health suggests that chat therapy can help with depression:

CNN Health

In order for therapy to work, there are two prerequisites: there needs to be communication between the client and therapist, and an alliance or therapeutic relationship needs to form. Both of these components Online Therapy can achieve.  To read more about the benefits of web-based therapy click here:   E-therapy

A working alliance can be established effectively online: “Working Alliance in Online Therapy as Compared to Face-to-Face…”  Participating in online therapy can have a disinhibiting effect. A client may be able to express thoughts through the online medium that they have not been able to convey in a face-to-face session. Core issues are likely to be disclosed sooner due to this disinhibiting effect of not being seen, and thus therapy goals can be accomplished more quickly: “…Beyond the Pros and Cons”

Online Therapy Guidelines:

The principles my online practice adheres to: Ethics of Internet Counseling, and ISMHO’s Guidelines