Online Therapy with Dr. Masha


Helpful Mental Health Resources:

Internet Mental Health on classifications of mental disorders and prevalence rates

Parent Resources what to do if you have a teen in crisis

Anxiety and Depression Association of America non-profit organization providing support

for those battling with anxiety and depression

National Institute of Mental Healthon clinical trials and various DSM-IV disorders

Addiction Info and Film articles on addiction and an HBO documentary film on the topic

PsychCentral-one of the oldest and largest mental health social network

Trusted Legal Resource:

Gedulin and Greany- San Diego Attorneys at Law


Articles on Addiction:

An Actor’s Struggles with Anxiety, Depression, and Addiction: Does a Role Become Reality?”

“Addicted to Painkillers But Not Ready for Help:?”

“Addicted to Love?”


Useful Directories:

National Directory of Online Counselors information on e-therapy and a directory of therapists